Smiths News Apprenticeships

Everyone likes the idea of gaining qualifications that enhance their employability.

But not everyone wants the cost of a full-time education, when they could be out in the workplace earning a living.
Smiths News offers its employees the best of both worlds: a steady job with a regular pay cheque, and the chance to work towards vocational qualifications.

We offer apprenticeships in Operations and Business Administration.

Operations and Business Admin Apprenticeships

Having joined the Operational Apprenticeship Scheme in January 2009, I’d successfully completed my Warehousing and Storage Level 2 Certificate by the following January.

Paul Price

Newcastle Distribution Manager

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I followed this with an advanced level Modern Apprenticeship in Customer Service Level 3 and Management Level 3. These qualifications and training helped me develop in my various roles. In less than four years, I’ve gone from being a Warehouse Operative to Distribution Manager in Newcastle - one of Smiths News’ biggest distribution centres. Completing these apprenticeships has certainly helped me progress as quickly as I have through the Company.”

Smiths News has provided me with a wide variety of skills, knowledge and opportunities, helping me develop in my career”

Central Retail Services Team

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